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A VIP’s Letter from Saudi Arabia

Dear Ms. Jane


I would like to present my thanks on behalf of me and my family for the nice and kind hospitality from your excellence. The days we spent will never be forgotten. My family requested a Sincere appreciation to be sent to your self and your lovely team.

A special thanks to Mr. Jay for coordinating our visit and meeting with key personnel at the university and hospitals. His fast response and quick decisions to changing schedule was very professional. My family deep appreciation to Ms. Michael (Eemo) for her kind and humble way for handling my family. Her assertiveness and focus to maintain the highest level of car during there journey, her knowledge and talent in selecting places, restaurants and areas of interest made her a great assets to your god office and all external customers.

I am looking for receiving some materials related to health checkup programs and fee structure for other services. This will facilitate our mission in Saudi Arabia.

My regards and thanks again for your kind help and support!

M. Sharaf


Happy New Year 2014!!


As every year,
we want to continue in the same way improving
our service, knowledge, experience and partnership with client’s from all over the world.

Jane Tour & DMC has made a lot of changes last year
to improve our service in designing team program, unique itinerary,
maintaining, promotion and delivering new products.

And, we hope that our service satisfied our clients and partners.

We are doing this in order to get our clients happier and more satisfied, every year more and more.

Best wishes for the year of 2014!!

CEO Jane Han

CEO Jane Got Award for ‘Korea Sharing 2013’


CEO Jane got the Award for ‘Korea Sharing 2013’


CEO Jane Han got the Award for ‘Korea Sharing 2013’ by the Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan City. During 2013, CEO Jane has been do for the social responsibility for overseas, such as ‘Classroom Donation to a village in Philippines’, volunteer medical service in Indonesia, etc. Every year, CEO Jane is sharing her time and energy for company’s social responsibility not only for Korea, but also for the world.

CEO Jane Han got the Award for USD5,000,000 Club


CEO Jane Han got the Award for USD5,000,000 Club at the 40th Korea Tourism Day 2013