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Photo of Grand Prize for Jeju Wonders Leports Photo Contest’

Grand Prize ‘Horse Riding @ Jeju Tourism Board’

Jeju Tourism Organization host ‘Jeju Wonders Leports Photo Contest’ and select the winner of 2012. You can see the grand prize for the above contest.


A Hybrid Hotel ‘Center Mark’ Opens in Insadong, Seoul

Center Mark Hotel @ Hana Tour

A hybrid hotel-combination with accommodation and entertainment-name ‘Center Mark Hotel’ opens in Insadong where is famous antique street in downtown Seoul, Korea. It is 5 star hotel of which runs by Hana Tour. Co. Ltd-the biggest travel agent in Korea and offers city tour, cultural performance by themselves. Read more

Korea Tourism Books for Tablet PC now on service

Korea Tourism Organization is now on service ‘Books for Tablet PC’ at Google Play (Android Market) and Apple App Store.

KTO Books for Tablet PC

KTO Books is an ebook application launched by the Korea Tourism Organization, which provides various tourist publications by KTO. It includes the Korea Tourist Map, the Korea Travel Guide, and other publications on industry tourism, shopping, winter in Korea, unique accommodations, themed tours, and more. If you are planning a trip to Korea, or if you’re actually in Korea right now, KTO Books can help you make your trip more productive and more fun.

Go to download >> KTO BOOKS



Incheon City unveil ‘8 City’ Mega Tourism Complex Construction Project

Incheon Metropolitan City held press conference to unveil Mega Tourism Construction Plan, called ‘8 City’ project. (Picture below)

This mega complex are to be composed of Korean Wave Star Land, Hotel & Resorts, Shopping Mall, F1 Speed Way, Convention Hall, Healing Town, Marina Resorts, and Gaming Hotels. The first project will be finished in 2020, and grand open is expected in 2030. Total investment for this project is estimated to US$317 billion.

Giving the Sound of Hope for Indonesian Children

Jane Tour & DMC supported translation service with free of charge for Indonesian Children who lost the sound from the birth. They got the ear operation successfully to find the sound again and now they can hear the sound of nature, voice of parents, and will have capability to learn the knowledge.  We bless children’s  future life with sound mind and sound body.

IMG_5605 Read more